CAP 232

I bought this kit on a TradeMe whim about 4 years a go. It was $101 and is beautifully laser cut. However I have a rule with projects that they can’t be started unless I have all the bits to finish it.

So with my purchase last year of my Spektrum DX7, I suddenly realised I had the receiver and servos that were missing. Time to get building.

Almost finished. Elevator and rudder servos installed, motor and esc mounted.

You can see my lovely DX7 in the background as I’ve just bound the receiver. I love bind-n-fly, kudos to the inventors. Unfortunately the canopy is just sitting there at the moment, I want to put a pilot in there (I’ve had a Daffy Duck head sitting around for 15 years waiting) so I’ll solo it without the canopy or engine cover as most of my spares are in Auckland in a box somewhere.

One of the things I’ve struggled with, since this generic Chinese kit lacks instructions, is the right servo and engine sizes. Brushless is a new ball game and this model wasn’t designed for a brushless motor. So I upped the servo sizes from the GWS Naro’s that seemed to be in the photocopied photos included to some BlueBird BMS-380s. The torque of these is 2.5kg/cm, so should be plenty! As a result I’ve decided that the included servo horns for the rudder and elevator are too small and unfit for purpose. I guess I better buy some then. This is when it sucks not having all of your spares around, I have heaps of these in a box somewhere and I hate paying more in postage than the items are worth. Usually what I do here is end up buying more things to take the percentage of the postage costs down to something reasonable but this usually results in a new project. I have enough projects(!) so let’s try and keep it simple.

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