ESXi 4.1 install notes

This is just documentation for myself as I’ve lost almost 24 hours to this.

Motherboard: M2N-MZ SE plus. This is the NVidia version and ESXI 4.1 doesn’t support this from the straight install. For some reason, it is missing the device entry in /etc/vmware/

I followed method 2 from the directions on found this site noting that the image on 4.1 is called image2dd.bz2. This entailed using WinImage to write this file to a 1Gb USB stick. I think I should’ve used a larger stick but I didn’t have one to hand.  I booted the PC off of this USB stick.

Using alt+F1 to get to a console and using root with no password to login I then followed these instructions taken from the vmWare site’s custom oem.tgz page.

1) cd /tmp/
2) mkdir -p oem/etc/vmware
3*) mkdir -p oem/usr/share/hwdata
4) cd oem/etc/vmware
5) cp /etc/vmware/
6) vi
— wrote line< br/>
10de:03ef 0000:0000 network forcedeth.o
as per this comment
7) close vi – press ESC and enter :wq
8*) cd /tmp/oem/usr/share/hwdata
9*) cp /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids pci.ids
10*) vi pci.ids
— add the necessary description for your devices (this will be displayed in the console and VI Client)
11*) close vi – press ESC and enter :wq
12) cd /tmp/oem
13) chown -R 201:201 ./etc
14*) chown -R 201:201 ./usr
15) chmod -R 755 ./etc
16*) chmod -R 755 ./usr
17) chmod 644 ./etc/vmware/
18*) chmod 644 ./usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids
19) tar -cvzf oem.tgz etc usr (didn’t put usr here)
20) cp oem.tgz /bootbank/oem.tgz
21) cd /bootbank/
22) chmod 755 oem.tgz
23) reboot the host

I didn’t do any of the lines marked with an asterix as my device was already listed in pci.ids.

I was then able to boot from USB into ESXi and start the management centre. I needed to restart it for some reason to get the DHCP to pick up an address.

I then downloaded the client from the dynamic IP but had a J# error. I uninstalled the J# restributable and reinstalled the 64 bit version (Win7 64) as per this comment.

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