Roof mounted!

Well the weather in Wellington has been diabolical the last two days which made me frustrated. Not the usual frustrated that people get in that they want to have some nice weather to go outside, no, I was frustrated in that my weather centre still wasn’t on the roof telling me how diabolical the weather actually was!

So being as today is a beautiful day, I decided to reassess the situation to see what tools I needed to get on the job done. Access is hard as we’re multilevel and no flat surfaces to rest a ladder on. I would need someone to hold the ladder on the sloping roof of the first level while I climbed on to the second or to get a 2 story ladder and I hate climbing those things. Or would I need anything at all? If I had something heavy enough to hold the base of the ladder… And then it came to me. Two bags of silicon sand I’d purchased for my furnace. They weigh, partly water logged, at least 20kg each. So without further melodrama:

Weather station mounted horizontally out from the vertical aerial mast.

It looks small up there and hopefully it's pointing north.

The station needs to be aligned north for the wind direction sensor to be useful so I’d taken my iPhone up with me to use as a way of finding north with its compass. Unfortunately either the roof, the aerial or both meant it was completely useless for this purpose as the needle idly bobbed between two points at least 20 degrees apart. However my backup plan was to use the aerial map to take a north marker off and aim the weather station arm at that. Hopefully I got it right as I’m in no hurry to get that high off the ground again.

So, part 1 of mounting the station is complete. I now need to mount the transmitter nicely, mount the rain gauge and hide the wiring but at least I can stand on two feet to do those jobs.

LCD weather station screen showing an easterly wind at 8.3km/hr

As you can see it's a gentle easterly in Wellington today

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