Weather station rain gauge

I managed to find some time to mount the rain gauge yesterday so now all sensors are online. Unfortunately it’s barely rained since then so I’m only showing 0.2cm of rain. A good southerly is hitting now, so I’m hoping it will bring some rain just so I can see how the weather station fares.

The gauge itself is pretty simple. It consists of a plastic container with a bowl formed into the top. At the bottom of the bowl is a hole which allows water into the gauge. Internally, there is a seesaw arrangement which collects the water at which ever end is currently high with a smaller bowl. Once this bowl is full, the seesaw flips over to the other side and dumps its water out. It doesn’t return back (like a properly weighted seesaw doesn’t). In the transition through the middle, a magnet activates a reed switch. I imagine the bowl and the weight required to tip the seesaw are quite carefully calibrated to the amount of rain. It doesn’t seem like it would be that accurate in a heavy downpour but I’ll wait and see.

The instructions for mounting it were quite explicit in using a bubble level to mount it for best accuracy. I used stainless steel screws and a piece of H3.2 treated fence paling to mount it extending out the side of a deck railing. It’s mostly out of sight and harms way. Now where’s that rain?

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