Mt Kaukau

Finally made it up Mt Kaukau today. The ride was a bit of an effort as it was only my 2nd after at least 6 months had passed since I’d ridden any distance of note. It was well worth it even though the breeze was getting a little chilly and my lungs were screaming blue murder.

Wellington harbour from Mt Kaukau

Can see it’d be a hell of a place to go on a sunny summer day but you’d need to bring shade and a picnic.

The next plan is to see if I can ride all the way to Makara. I think however a couple of loops up to Mt Kaukau to get my legs and lungs working again. I’m glad I was riding solo, the number of stops I had to make for legs or lungs was embarrassing.

Mt Kaukau transmitter tower

Oh and I can’t mention Makara without reminding every one it is:Ma(r)-Ka(r)-Ra not MacK-Rar. Maori pronunciation isn’t that hard…

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