Getting started with Sketchup – again

After a false start last year I found some renewed enthusiasm for getting started again with SketchUp after seeing a presentation at the Wellington Makers group by the new head of Ponoko‘s 3D production Rich Borrett. At the meetup he showed how we could make a 3D item from 2D parts as shown in the first image on the left on Ponoko’s blog article on the meetup. You can simply model the item in 3D and the apply a plugin which will turn it into the 2D parts. This sort of thing is ideal for making RC planes although the laser time might be prohibitive in terms of costs. Doing this is something on my “to investigate list”. If it is too expensive, then I’ll just have to finish my own 3D CNC router which is about 15% complete after 5 years since starting.

With SketchUp I wanted to stretch my interest in architecture and Rich’s demo gave my the inspiration to get going with it again. There really is something magical about seeing someone achieve something in front of your eyes as opposed to trying to teach yourself. So, I’ve started modelling my house so that I can plan the renovations we want to do as well as learning some skills I can apply across all my projects. 3D is where it’s at and there is no better time to get involved. SketchUp has made it accessible.

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