House model update

I’ve not had as much time as I would’ve liked but I’m still plugging away with my house modelling in SketchUp. The timber framing for the lower floor is almost complete. It’s interesting how many measurements I’ve managed to stuff up without realising it. It’s not until you start intersecting things that some of the mistakes become obvious. Additionally, because SketchUp makes it so easy to reference off of other points, a mistake can be quickly exaserbated.

Ground floor framing almost complete. It's not a prison, I just haven't broken the studs for windows yet

Things left to do to sort out the ground floor:

  1. Break the window studs
  2. Lower the brick fascade
  3. Add the decking joists (they’ll fill in the gap of the first floor timbers)
  4. Fill the joists with nogs
  5. Get the beam height right for once! (the joists sit on it, not go through it)
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2 Responses to House model update

  1. graeme says:

    looking good so far. Are you making good use of components and the array tool? change the height of your joists on one component to change them all.

    • scott says:

      Yeah, I found a plugin that handles the wall generation. It makes all the joists and studs for you. Each item is a component so you can make them bigger together or bust them out. Most difficult part was working out how to cut through all those joists for the stairs. Had to explode every one that crossed and then cut? Well it worked, not sure if it was right…

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