My USA made temperature controlled soldering iron going to a good home

I bought myself a new soldering iron! And this purchase made my old one redundant. I’m somewhat of a hoarder but I’m trying to be better and as such, I want to give my trusty old soldering iron away to someone that needs it! Ideally I’d like it to be someone that can’t afford a better soldering iron and is trying to get into electronics. At first I thought I’d restrict it to ages 7-14 but then I thought why should I restrict it at all? If you have a need for it, you have a need for it. So I’m currently working on some ideas on how to get it to who needs/deserves it the most. I was thinking of a competition but I hate the fact that competitions have losers and hate it when people pour their guts out only to get denied something. So this idea is a work in progress.

My trusty Pace PPS-6E

I bought this venerable beast when I was studying electronics at Canterbury University. It needs a new tip but otherwise has never let me down. Adjustable temperature and weighs a tonne (which often means quality in electronics). It was made back in a time when the USA knew what manufacturing was and the fact it was built it Maryland is proudly displayed.

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  1. Malcolm Nell says:

    This Is A Nice Example of a pps6
    Is it still looking for a good home
    Would like to use for display with our NEW STILL MADE IN USA PACE Soldering stations.
    Pace has a long history in NZ and this is a good example of it.

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