Is Spotify the most annoying music service?

When Spotify launched in NZ, I skipped it as it required Facebook integration to work. I need more social media, messages and updates like I need more door to door sales people. So, when they dropped that requirement, I thought I’d give it a crack. At first it was good, added some playlists, then followed some playlists, discovered some new music and basically forgot about maintaining my MP3 collection and the playlists I’d crafted/cobbled over a decade.

However, it started to get annoying and hasn’t improved. Firstly the emails; I’m pretty sure I’ve unsubscribed from more emails than should be possible for a consumer facing service. I don’t want emails from you, I never have and I’ve unchecked every box that would remotely intimate I might want more emails in my inbox. Then there’s the “in app” notifications. Notifications, I think people will look back at notifications in a few years, if they’re not doing it already and go “what were we smoking”. In-app notifications cannot be turned of with Spotify, there is no preference setting. If they want to notify you, you’re going to get a popup and a sound no matter how deep in thought you are in your job or whatever you gets your bills paid. Your concentration is not of any importance to Spotify. Your relaxation is not of any importance to Spotify. Your sanity is not of any importance to Spotify. The inanity of it is that the notifications I received, I assume there are other types, were for the most assinine uselessness it beggars belief… someone added a song to a playlist I followed. Why on earth would I actually care about this? Why would anyone care about this? And why would any one care so much that they needed to be notified above all other things? It’s like someone ringing my doorbell to tell me that someone wrote an article in a newspaper column I read. If I read it I read it now get off my doorstep. Seeing as I couldn’t turn off the notifications I did the only logical thing and unfollowed that playlist. What a great music discovery tool.

I’ve just received another email now, telling me about some “local music” on the false assumption that I somehow care more for music made on the island I live on than what’s available elsewhere in the whole world. Somewhere, this is part of some marketing plan. Someone at Spotify in a slew of meeting dreamed up the idea that I care about when playlists change and what local music has been released lately. I don’t care, I told you last time I don’t care and since you’re so desperate to get me to care about what you think I should care about, the only logical conclusion is that Spotify and I are incompatible. One more email/notification and Rdio & I will try dating.

Spotify is like the worst things in a girlfriend and a hooker combined, you’re paying to get nagged.

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  1. Jake Scott says:

    Give Grooveshark a try.. its free too. I’ve been listening to the Indy playlist that they have today and have been loving it!

    Spotify has a shitty recommendation system

  2. scott says:

    Sweet, will take a look.

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