Punakaiki Fund

If you’re not already aware, Lance Wiggs is trying to raise money for his brainchild Punakaiki Fund.┬áThis is a fund aimed at getting money towards early startups in New Zealand.

For some reason New Zealanders like to throw wild amounts of money at all sorts of get rich schemes like Lotto and Nigerian scammers but raising money to get a business with an actual business model off the ground is remarkably hard. Often it’s a who you know not what you know situation. ┬áLance is pretty uniquely positioned to be the guiding light in this fund. His drive to be involved at every level and with any one in New Zealand’s tech scene has to be seen to be believed. If you haven’t spoken to him personally, listened to one of his talks or corresponded with him via twitter, email or any other social media it’s fair statement to make that you are not in the New Zealand tech scene. This too is only to speak of his connectedness within NZ let alone his prowess on the business front. If you need someone to rip your business model to shreds, ring Lance, his number is on his website.

As such this is a one of a kind opportunity. One of New Zealand’s foremost business brains who is also one of New Zealand’s most connected people in the technology scene is offering people a chance to let him point their money at some of the most promising yet-to-be businesses around. It can only be good for New Zealand. We need more TradeMes, more Xeros and more Vends. You can be a part of making that happen at Punakaiki Fund, do take a look, the offer closes this Friday.

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