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Punakaiki Fund

If you’re not already aware, Lance Wiggs is trying to raise money for his brainchild Punakaiki Fund.┬áThis is a fund aimed at getting money towards early startups in New Zealand. For some reason New Zealanders like to throw wild amounts … Continue reading

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Spotify is P2P software

I’d been having this weird issue with my internet connection recently. First I’d notice pages were loading slowly, then, almost not at all. Diagnosis via a few pings to some local sites would show a lag of 500 to 1200ms. … Continue reading

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Why you don’t clad homes with brick in Wellington

It never ceases to amaze me how people completely fail to learn. Wood is flexible, brick and cement, not so much.

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Mindkits’ Diamond Mind printers available again

Quick public service announcement, the awesome MindKits have their very own 3D printers available again. If you’re looking for a 3D printer in NZ and want local support from a fanatical team you should probably buy one of these. Checkout … Continue reading

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Is Spotify the most annoying music service?

When Spotify launched in NZ, I skipped it as it required Facebook integration to work. I need more social media, messages and updates like I need more door to door sales people. So, when they dropped that requirement, I thought … Continue reading

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Forum not found

Had an interesting item appear in the log files +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Result:+%F4%EE%F0%F3%EC+%ED%E5+%ED%E0%E9%E4%E5%ED+/+%ED%E5+%F3%E4%E0%EB%EE%F1%FC+%EE%EF%F0%E5%E4%E5%EB%E8%F2%FC+IP The back end part of is windows 1251 encoding. I couldn’t find a useful online convertor, probably because it’s URL encoded as well. Broke the first few words down … Continue reading

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Running Shopify’s Dashing on a Raspberry Pi

Rough draft for reminder purposes Micronext wireless USB adaptor, followed these instructions. Installed gem, installed ruby, installed nodejs. Followed the dashing homepage instructions to install dashing. Added init.d script to auto start dashing in production mode on port 5000. Followed … Continue reading

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Block mounting blueprints

I bought some absolutely beautiful blueprints from Aviation Shoppe of a P-51 Mustang, F-4U Corsair, F-86 Sabre and a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. They were very affordable and quickly posted. That’s where the problem started however, I had no idea on … Continue reading

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Gliding Paraparaumu

Went for a flight with my friend, and gliding instructor, Bruce Hoult. Had an epic time and spent some brief time on the controls. First time I’ve ‘flown’ a real plane of any sort in 17 years and it felt … Continue reading

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My USA made temperature controlled soldering iron going to a good home

I bought myself a new soldering iron! And this purchase made my old one redundant. I’m somewhat of a hoarder but I’m trying to be better and as such, I want to give my trusty old soldering iron away to … Continue reading

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